Monday, August 15, 2011

Katie asks...

My school just did a small training on The Daily CAFE. Our administration is not requiring us to use it, but they think it would be a great way to align all the grade levels in terms of reading strategies. I am really excited to try it because I've read some great things on other teacher blogs. Any words of advice for a CAFE newbie?

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  1. Are you doing the Daily 5 too? I tried to start Daily 5 and CAFE all at the SAME time and I got super overwhelmed!!!!!! So, I put a hold on CAFE and am focusing on Daily 5.

    But, I am LOVING the Daily 5 for far and my students are really working on building their stamina. I would suggest using a stamina graph. Basically everyday you mark how many minutes your class made it practicing each part. :) If you want me to email you my stamina graphs I will! :)