Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Katie asks...

What rewards for good behavior do you use in your classroom?

I've never used a treasure box because a) I don't like giving kids little prizes because I think it sends the wrong message and b) I'm cheap! I've always used intrinsic rewards like 'No Shoe Day' or 'Read to the Principal' and I'm loving the way Mrs. Cooley organizes hers over at First Grader...at Last! (Go check it out if you haven't seen it yet.) Now I'm thinking I need to make some monster themed punch cards and a monster themed rewards binder! What other rewards do you use?


  1. Hi Katie. I did a blog post on suggestions for free and inexpensive school rewards. There are a lot of suggestions and some might work for you better than others. My favorite was always, invite a friend to a special lunch with the teacher. Check out other ideas at:


    Hope this helps!

  2. I use punch cards and when students get 20 punches they can choose a reward from a reward choice poster I made. Some of the choices include work on the carpet with a clipboard, keep a stuffed animal on their desk, sit at my desk, choose a fancy pencil, eat lunch with me and two friends in the classroom, and prize from the treasure chest. I love the poster because I was so tired of answering the question, "What are my choices again?". I also limited the choices to six so it wouldn't be overwhelming for them to make their choice.

  3. the examples you listed are still extrinsic rewards ;)

  4. The first year of teaching I used yellow smileys and once they earned 10 they got a small gift,but it was soo tiring for me firstly because I hand made the yellow cards, secondly I am an ESL teacher and have 13 sections with more than 300 students so I spent all my pocket money on the gifts, especially at the end of the year.

    The second year I gave it up and had printable awards for discipline,handwriting, reading and participation with a picture to color.It was much more effective and the reward pictures were adjusted to the season and the holiday so they were always excited.For the students who showed great work in class and finished their class work quicly and correctly got an extra exercise,a beautifully-decorated printable,crossword,wordsearch,coloring, etc.
    I also had rewards for excellent exams, a small printables and each trimester I would choose a star for reading,particiation and discipline.