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July 30, 2011

Bruises. Does anyone else just get random bruises and not know where they come from? Cause I do. And I'm slowly figuring out that it's from working in my classroom. I currently have two bruises on my right knee, on on my left knee and one on my elbow! It's from banging around with moving tables and shelves and filing cabinets and those dang 24 desks in my room!

I think I'm headed back next week for another work day, so we'll see how many bruises I come home with then!

Katie :)


Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes: Pinterest Linky Party!


**Dry Erase To Do List**
Here's what I pinned...

Here's what mine looks like...

**Paint Chip Word Family Sliders**

Here's what I pinned...

Here's what mine look like...

I think one of these will be next...

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Katie :)


July 27, 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed working in my room yesterday and was said when I had to leave! Three of the other first grade teachers came up too, so we all helped each other move shelves, reading tables and desks. We were very careful not to scratch the floors- our custodians are the best around and we would never want to mess up the shiny new waxed floors! We always get creative with upside down carpet squares to help us slide the heavy stuff around.

I took some 'before' pictures that I'll share once I finish and am able to take the 'after' pictures! I got a lot of organization done, and now I need to go back and start decorating! :)

I am going to try something new on my hallway bulletin board this year. It is always such a pain to staple and then un-staple work out there and I really wanted a new system. I thought about hanging a clothesline and using clothespins, but I wasn't sure if I would like that. So, I got out my hot glue gun and came up with a new idea!

I glued the clothespins to some laminated cut outs that I already had and then I'll just staple them up on the board. Then, all year long, all I have to do is clip up their new work! Of course, I'll still have to staple some things, like big charts and graphs that we make, but overall it will save me a lot of time!

I really think the shoes are totally cute and I'll love them out there in the hallway. It got me thinking about continuing the theme into my classroom. Anyone have good ideas about a shoe theme?

I guess that's all from me!
Katie :)


July 25, 2011

Well, I'm headed up to my classroom tomorrow to see what all I can get done! This summer they built (well, they're still building) a new elementary school in our district so there were a lot of teachers that will be moved to the new school. Our team is going from 8 teachers to 4 teachers! It's going to be a big change! I'm excited about staying at our school and I know my team is going to be awesome! Since we're shrinking our new principal decided to do some adjusting with our classrooms. Now we're moving to what used to be the 'Kinder hallway'. I wonder how long it will take for me NOT to call it that! Anyway, I'm excited about my new room because we'll have our own kiddo bathroom! I know there are pros and cons to having a bathroom in the classroom, but I'm looking forward to it. In years past we've had a shared one down the hall and it's never a good plan to have unsupervised 6 year olds taking charge of the bathrooms. I know it will save us a lot of headaches- no more walking down the hall and catching boys climbing on the stalls and girls splashing each other! And I'm especially excited about the little room/hall before the bathroom. My plan is to put 2 shelves in there and fill them up with all those school supplies that usually take over my cabinets! I'm super pumped about having the extra space this year!

In the meantime, I've been loving this time to get crafty with ideas from Pinterest!! I'm sure most of you are already obsessed like me, but if you aren't on it- you're totally missing out!

Here's my framed To Do list-
I love the notebook paper themed scrapbook page- thanks Hobby Lobby!

And some super cute word sliders made from paint chips!


And after!

These were super fun to make, in fact I'm still finishing up the last few right now! We'll see how long it takes the kiddos to destroy them! :)

That's all from me for now!
Katie :)


  1. Those are shoes that Pete the Cat wears! make this your theme for the year. It's all about keeping a positive attitude.
    Love your sneakers!
    Where did you get them. I need some too!

  2. As usual, Fran is a day ahead of me! I LOVE the shoes! I just decided yesterday that I was going to have a shoes theme to decorate my classroom with Pete the Cat as our mascot. I am still thinking of a title, but it is going to be something about exploring the world. Our first science module is "Trees" so I am going to decorate the class like a forest with the idea that Pete will be our mascot as we explore the forest. (We only have three science modules and they are huge - they last about three months). I am going to somehow incorporate shoes to lead the kiddos from place to place in the room. Also, I want to have shoes outside my door leading to my classroom. I also thought I would take a photo of each child's shoes on the first day and out those photos together in a book based on Pete the Cat. Each page would say something like " Mary loves her red shoes." I also might make a bulletin board with the photos - not sure. I know this all sounds so random, but somehow there are the makings of a great idea. It is just not complete yet. Oh, just like Fran, I WANT those cure shoes you have. PLEASE tell us where you got them!!!
    An Open Door

  3. I don't remember exactly where I got them (they've been in a drawer for years) but my guess is Teacher Heaven because that's where I get all of my teachery stuff! I love your Pete the Cat ideas- I'm going to work that in to my hallway bulletin board, something like 'Step on in to 1st Grade!' and maybe have a picture of Pete the Cat there, too. However, my obsession with Pinterest has led me to a different theme for inside my room! I had always though that doing Monsters would be fun, and then when I started searching on Pinterest- oh man, I got so many ideas! I love it! I went back to Teacher Heaven and bought three things from the Furry Friends collection! I'm in love!

  4. Hi- I am not sure if I am in the right spot or not but I am doing a monster theme and was looking to peek at your ideas. Thanks Robin

  5. Found you in the forums over at TPT. I am your newest follower there and now, here! Love your blog concept! Best wishes and happy blogging!


  6. Hi Katie, I finally found your blog and now I am one of your followers. Come by and visit when you get a chance

    Deb at Fabulously First