Friday, July 29, 2011

Stacy asks...

I have been teaching Kindergarten and implementing centers for 6 years, but I am still struggling each week with the question, "What are next week's centers?" How do you organize all of your centers for planning and storage?


  1. I finally outlined it, typed it up and put them in a binder. What I do what months in centers, how and when I introduce it. For storage I have a file crate by the month. Anything too big for the crate I put somewhere else and I file a note on where it is.

  2. I have done themed and literacy centers in my classroom for years now. This coming school year, I will be doing 2 themes a month instead of 4 for themed centers. With all the reading and math I need to fit in a day, it is just too much work to do a different theme each week. I LOVE THEMED centers and I HOPE I NEVER have to give them up completely.

    I am planning on having 6-7 themed centers for the 2 weeks. I have 15 students this year. This way there will be 2 or 3 students at the center at a time to work together. The other 3 days I can read a non-fiction book about the theme, make a read-aloud chart, make a classroom book to go with the theme,etc.

    I have bought storage bins from Wal-mart. 2 different sizes. 2 years ago during the school year...after I made a themed center I put everything in the bin so that the next year all I had to do was just pull the bin out and everything was there. LOVE IT! Themed centers do take up most of my prep time so this has helped with time mangaement. I do have a little storage room in our school that is the size of a bathroom and this is where I store them.

    Check out my blog about centers. If you have any more questions, please message me.

  3. Before I started doing dialy 5, here is what I used to do! I loved it!