Thursday, July 28, 2011

Elissa asks...

We have kindergarten round-up and take our future class into our rooms to meet the teacher and see the room.  We read a story and then have time for a craft.  Does anyone have a cute and easy craft they do at round up.  I have about 30 minutes with them.  Thanks!


  1. At our Kindergarten Round Up (which happens in May for the following year) we read a book about the bus, pass out instruments and sing "The Wheels on the Bus", and give them a picture of a bus with "_________ visited Woodland Elementary!" We write in their names beforehand and if time, let them color in the classroom before they get to actually ride on the school bus to get used to it before Fall. If they don't have time, they can take them home to color and talk about their expereince with their families.

  2. This is the best opportunity to make a headband to wear the first day of school that says "I'm a Kinder Kid" and let them color it to prepare for that super special day. When they line up on the first day they will all have one on. Grab your camera.They will love this so much! Check the blog for easy ways to make headbands. I hope this helps1

  3. This looks like a great site so now I need to follow you. Thanks for giving me a heads up about it.

  4. We used to do the Gingerbread Man. We would read the story and then hunt for the G-Man. He would be hiding in the halls at different locations (i.e. music, p.e., art, cafeteria) that the students would need to know. After the "hunt" was over we would go back to the room and decorate a cookie and eat. Yum! The kids love it.

    Kinder Kraziness

  5. You can read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Give the students markers and coffee filters and have then color the coffee filters. Then using a Pipe Cleaner make the body and antenna of the butterfly. Hope this helps.

  6. We have a Rainbow Fish theme for our Kindergarten Round-Up/Visitation. We read the Rainbow fish and then we decorate a paperplate fish with tissue paper. To make it easy: the plates are already cut & stapled with a name label on the back, the tissue paper is also already cut into squares. Then we mix glue & water and let them paint it on, add the tissue squares and TADA!! They love it!!

    ✿ Stacy
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  7. I always read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. In the end, he draws a picture of his family. So, I just give the kids chocolate chip cookies and have them draw their family. It's simple, but that's what I think you need for your situation, yet it still gives you a basic idea of where each child is starting! Hope you have fun no matter what you decide to do.
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